Download eduCATE from sourceforge:

The file will be saved into your download folder. Open your download folder and locate the file

Right click on, and from the drop down menu choose Extract All..

The Extraction Wizard dialog box will be shown. Click Next button and you shall get a form like below:

In the Files will be extracted to this directory:, type the directory you wish to install educate,

for example, you may install into a directory c:\educate

Wait until all files are extracted. When done, choose to view the extracted files from the wizard.

Or you can just close the wizard, and browse into the c:\educate folder to view all the files.

They should look like below:

Now you are done with installing the eduCATE application.

Everything that are needed to run this application are within this folder.

This folder contains a web application server called JETTY, and an HSQL database server.

To run the Jetty server, just double click on the run.bat file.

A command prompt window shall appear and some text will be shown as below:

You can see this message written in it

Run the portal at http://localhost:7502/educate

Open your Internet browser (IE, Mozilla Firefox, Opera), and in the address box type in above the url.

What you see in the browser is a web portal called LeBAH. The eduCATE system actually modules (portlets) that are running within the LeBAH portal (which is a portlets container). LeBAH project can be found here,